Italian · under $100 · White

Ciello Cattaratto 2015

Sicily Italy $12 glass

One of our imports, and actually made according to Eric’s specifications.   Cataratto is the grape, pretty neutral most of the time, although there are some crackers out there, including the Lucido from Marco de Bartoli which you’ve all tried i think.    Not to be confused with the ‘other’ white grape of Sicily – Carricante – which is generally grown over in the Etna area.    The fruit comes from a high, organically farmed vineyard inland from Palermo, so up near the north west coast of the upside down triangle shaped island of Sicily.   It gets pretty hot here of course (harvest is up to 2 months earlier on the west side of the island compared to the east) and so the altitude is good for retaining acidity as it is more likely to get cold at night.   Wild yeast ferment in large acacia botti then rested on lees for 6 months, all without sulphur.   Lemons, salt, dried herbs and some roasted nuts, it’s a refreshing summer drop.


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